It’s a Boogie Wonderland at The Night Owl this Friday
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March 4, 2016
It’s the Summer of Love! Summer Sundays Launch at The Night Owl
May 20, 2016

There are always amazing events going on at The Night Owl but this coming Easter weekend we’ve really outdone ourselves!

Good Friday 25th March: Sounds of 54

We kick off the weekend with style with a Studio 54 themed Disco party ‘Sounds of 54‘.

Studio 54 was a highly popular and the world’s most famous New York night club from 1977 to 1981 regulars included Debbie Harry, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger, David Bowie, Andy Warhol to name but a few.

Images below from club’s peak shows the glamour and hedonistic vibe of the era. We encourage people to dress glamorously and/or outrageously for Sounds of 54 this Friday but it’s not compulsory 😉

To get a feel for the sounds that will be played listen here

Tickets available £5 advance here or on the door

Soul Maz

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