Crashing through with trashy rockabilly punk: The Kings of Hong Kong
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June 7, 2018
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June 27, 2018

Trash garage punks Kings of Hong Kong will be busting through the walls of The Night Owl to play a chaotic and demonic surf punk set at Sensateria.

The legendary 60s garage and psych night will take a trashy turn, featuring rock misfits who will bring a punky, rockabilly twist. playing alongside Kings of Hong Kong are trash merchants from hell The Voo Dooms, as well as resident and special guest DJs playing punky, psychedelic grooves all night.

Kings of Hong Kong's new album "Primitive" marks a milestone for the band - with tracks that stretch across three decades of gigging, but still encapsulate the bands no frills, straight to the point persona but with full throttle attitude.

"Kings of Hong Kong started life in 2014, when Marcel and Kev were jamming together, just for something to do. Kev was learning Double Bass at the time and needed to play to learn. They tried hard but could not get anything going without a singer and drummer. I was already playing in another band at the time, and that was coming to an end, so I said we would all get together with a drummer and bash out some tunes" recalls singer and guitarist Chris Martin.

A few reshuffles of the band later, including a new drummer and a new bassist - the line up for Kings of Hong Kong was set, and they branched out from Rockabilly beginnings to thrash, trash and brash garage punk. Multiple sub-genres trickle through their snappy and punchy sets, although the main inspirations for Chris come from The Cramps and The Stooges. "I've loved The Cramps since 1979, they have that raw edge to them that all bands I've been in since 1983 have. It's just where I come from I guess. As well as The Cramps, the music they introduced me to inspired me, such as The Sonics, Link Wray and other forgotten, underground bands!"


Those who have never stepped into the realm of 'rock & rolla' will still be able to run with Kings of Hong Kong's sound. There's a rockabilly formula, mixed with surfy riffs and a punky attitude. It's what makes their fan favourite The Cramps and The Standells covers so enigmatic. Now with new album 'Primitive' - the band are looking forward to unleashing a new slice of hell on earth.

"We've been eager to do the new album for a while" explains Chris. "[The album] reflects the type of band we are - straight to the point but with enjoyment and ferocious energy. Some of the songs were written over 30 years ago in a band I was in called The Long Rifles, but they've stood the test of time and have been reshaped and given the Kings of Hong Kong treatment! We're so proud of this album, it was locally produced at Stourbridge Studios, to our ears there's not a bad moment on there!

Eager to unleash their new calibre onto Sensateria, the band urge their set will be a "full on barrage of rock & rolla!" Punk lovers should also keep their ears open for legendary tracks Sliced 'N' Diced, House of Snakes, Stay Sick Baby and Voodoo Queen loaded into their explosive performance.

Leaving on a full rock and roll sentiment, Chris explained how the band "don't get to play too many gigs in Birmingham, so we're really looking forward to this one. We always take sandwiches to a gig, it gets us pumped up." Wild.

The Kings of Hong Kong will be live at The Night Owl at Sensateria on Friday, June 22nd, alongside The Voo Dooms and a special guest DJ slot from Table Scraps. Advance tickets are available to purchase from The Ticket Sellers now.


  1. Howard Atkins says:

    First tine I came to the Night Owl/Sensetaria nights was last night 22 June ’18. Kings of Hong Kong/ The Voo Dooms… impressed by both bands and the venue…felt very comfortable. I took several photos which I’ve sent to both bands. I dont mean to come over all Arnie but , I’ll be back.

    • Sophie Hack says:

      Hi Howard! Glad you enjoyed your night at The Night Owl! The bands were great and we all had a great time, hope to see you again soon!

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