Top picks from our Big Birmingham Soul Night DJs!
Rock and roll, ska, soul & more this Easter!
April 12, 2019
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May 8, 2019

Top Northern soul legends and our amazing resident DJs picked their favourite soul tracks.

With the fourth Big Birmingham Soul Night takeover at Birmingham Town Hall just around the corner, taking place on May 25th, we've certainly got the bug for great soul music! To get you in the mood to dance all night in the two large rooms in Birmingham's prestigious Town Hall, we asked our favourite Night Owls to tell us their top soul picks and why they love playing them.

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colin curtis
Colin Curtis
Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back

"Most people would agree one of The Meccas finest moments one of Northern Soul's all time classiest records!"

The Dells - Run for Cover

"Classic Golden Torch and one of Soul music's greatest and most enduring groups, The Dells have got this atmospheric and classic All Nighter Stalwart sound."

Professionals - That's Why I love you

Connie Clark - My Sugar Baby

The Answers - Thinking of You

sonny and spare 3
Sonny & Spare
Joe Simon - I Got A Whole Lotta Lovin'

"We love the big northern tracks, but love to make room for the more underplayed! Plus I've only recently come across this and can’t wait to play it."

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Show Me The Way

"I LOVE dancing to this and is one of my favourites to spin. There’s a version by J J Barnes with the same backing track but this has the edge..."

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Richard Priest
Easy - Groovin' Along

"Mega rare and underground, great for dancing"

Del Larks - Job Opening (For An Experienced Heart Owner)

"One of my favourites from the days of Locarno, this record fetches are five grand today!"

Sammy Dee
Beverly Ann - He’s Coming Home / He Won’t See The Light 

"In RCA Company Sleeve which she signed herself with her real name Beverly Bremers In 2004. I got it when I went to Los Angeles with a friend, the record had been in Beverley's cupboard all these years! On the same trip to Los Angeles me and my friend were in a second hand record shop and the owner asked my mate Martin 'what sort of records are you looking for?' He said 'soul music' of course. The owner asked 'have you got my brother's record?' Martin says 'who’s your brother?' 'Lonnie Cook' the store man replied. Martin, now with a big grin says 'Lonnie Cook from The Natural Four? The one who wrote 'I Thought You Were Mine? Well, not the one on Boola Boola it’s a bit slower, I did have two on ABC records but I gave one of them to my best mate Sammy.'

I don’t know who was more amazed, Martin because we had just met Lonnie Cook’s brother or the shop owner because we knew who his brother was!"

steve connelly
Steve Connelly
The Capitols - Ain't That Terrible

"One of my favourite current plays is a cover version of Roy Redmonds 'Ain’t That Terrible' by The Capitols (most well known for their single 'Cool Jerk'). It’s a great double sider and I could have easily chosen the flip called 'Soul Brother, Soul Sister' too. It's slightly slower and funkier than Roy’s version but it always gets people dancing!"

Let us know your favourite soul track! The Big Birmingham Soul Night takes place on Saturday, May 25th at Birmingham's Town Hall and Symphony Hall. Tickets are on sale now.

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