Mazzy’s Acid Jazz Records set list
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May 12, 2020
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June 1, 2020

Last Sunday I did an Acid Jazz Records set on our Facebook live stream, thanks so much to everyone who tuned in! Across two sets we have had almost 2,000 views on each!

You can view them again here: Set 1 + Set 2

As promised (and reminded -thanks Rachael Whitelaw!), please find my setlist, possibly missed a few but should be most of it!

If you’re interested in finding any of these yourself you should check out the Acid Jazz website here. Please note this was in no way an advertisement – just celebrating a great record label!

  1. The Hipster – Harold McNail
  2. Kevin Fingier – Sunglasses at Night (Part 1)
  3. Rednecks – James Taylor Quartet
  4. People of tomorrow – Men of North Country
  5. Theme – Lightning orchestra
  6.  Sweet Cakes – New Jersey kings
  7. Daylight – Georgie fame
  8. I know we don’t get on let’s talk about it – New Street Adventure
  9. Just dream – The Mac Pac
  10. Magic Mountain – Corduroy
  11. Dream Come True – Brand New Heavies
Set 2
  1. Matt Berry – Take A Bow
  2. Indian Rope Man – Phase
  3. Wendy Rene – Men of North Country
  4. Love Will Keep Us Together – Alison Limerick and James Taylor Quartet
  5. Don’t wanna cry no more – Kevin fingier
  6. If I Had You Back In My Life – New St Adventure
  7. Lucky To Be Loved By You – Willie Hutch
  8. Wormin’ – The Clique
  9. It’ll All Come Around / Patsy Gallant
  10. Conscience – Double Vision
  11. This City – Laville (Disco Freaks edit)
  12. When You Gonna Learn – Jamiroquai
  13. Mirror man – Men of North Country
  14. Babysitter – Betty Wright



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