An Interview with The 3 Sixties: “We’re a tribute to the era, not a band”
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January 25, 2018
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February 14, 2018


The 3 Sixties aren’t your run of the mill tribute band.

The five piece R&B and soul group pride themselves on authenticity, with their dedication to sixties music helping to keep the fire burning.

Frontman Stan and drummer Dino were originally in another 60’s band for five years, but found themselves feeling stale. Dino explained: “We really wanted to expand our repertoire and material, and planned to create a whole new band alongside the other one. It was going to run parallel but we ended up going straight for the 360’s. We needed a new challenge.”

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Stan, Dino, bassist Dan, keyboardist Ash and guitarist Randy set themselves a task: to not make sixties music feel old, to keep the “fire and grit” that the era had: “Other 60’s bands that are still going aren’t exactly whipper snappers, we’re trying to bring that original energy back.”

Dino also explained how The 3 Sixties like to shape things up compared to other tributes, by challenging themselves musically to perfect difficult songs that “are either forgotten or to difficult to do.”

Dino explained they have the “standard set up” they have of a mod band, playing a lot of The Who and The Kinks. He added: “But there’s a lot of music that we cater for that people find hard to do musically. We play “California Dreaming” by Mamas and Papas, where you need three or four harmonies just to make sound good! Same with The Holly’s “Bus Stop”, “Mrs Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel and “Time of the Season” by the Zombies.

“We do tend to look at version of tunes that are much loved but forgotten. Our version of “Time is Tight” by Booker T & The MG’s is the B-side version, we prefer that. You can’t be too indulgent though, you need to cover as many pillars of that era as you can.”

When asked why the 1960’s were so influential, Dino’s reply was frank: “No era comes close due to the variety of music and the sheer amount of artists that came out during that decade.

“The music was revolutionary, the harmonies and the heavy bass lines are different to any other era. We’re creating a swinging sixties night soon with a girl group called The Heatwaves and we’re trying to get some of the bass lines down, Dan is tearing his hair out! 60’s music is in our DNA. We’re a tribute to the 60’s era, rather than just a tribute to a band.”

Bass lines and harmonies aside, the 3 Sixties promise a unique show that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, from the instruments and attire to stage persona, and of course the all important music. The 3 Sixties usual calibre contains much loved tracks from The Holly’s, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, Mamas and Papas and Wilson Pickett to name but a few.

Dino teased of new (to them) tracks sneaking in to their Night Owl set on February 10th. “We’ve got a couple of songs in progress, The Night by Franki Valli is just one. We’ve also had a request for The Small Faces which we’ll be sure to pop in. The rest you’ll have to wait and see!”

The 3 Sixties will be live at The Night Owl on August 18th. Tickets are available here.

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